IT Ecycler
Recycling electronics to green the world
Open Seven
days a week
For Drop Offs
Call ahead for
It Ecycler
3595 Cleveland road
Smithfield NC 27577
If you need
items picked-up
please use the
contact form
to schedule
a pick-up.



Pickup and mailing Service
We accept all kinds of electronics if it
plugs into the wall we recycle it.

We can pick up locally around Smithfield,

Raleigh  and the Triangle area if you have
a large quantity. We are going to start
offering a one day a week pick up
for the local area for people with smaller
quantity of computers and perennials.

Businesses with large amount of electronic

 waste we can do pick ups for this just
email to set up a time.

So if you like the idea of going green

and have old cell phones power supplies
old MP3 player anything small that you
can mail you can use the USPS they have
mailer boxes with out weight restrictions
pack them full of everything you have to
recycle and send them to:

IT Ecycler

3595 Cleveland road
NC 27577
We accept all kinds of electronics if it plugs
into the wall we recycle it.
New pickup service
It Ecycler will be offering a picking up service for electronics one day a week Saturday is the day we can do this this semester.(Sept to Dec )
You will need to contact us by  using the contact form please include your address phone number and the estimated amount of things you have to recycle.
If you want to use the Data Destruction Service please send this information when you contact us so we can pick these things up from you personally to keep them secure.
This can be a curb side pick up for all other electronics. We will send a verification email to you to confirm 
pick up
Data Destruction Service
We also offer data destruction service
you can ship us your hard drives and
we will disassemble them and remove
 the platters (disks inside) and cut
them into tiny pieces then ship the
tiny pieces to a smelter for metal
 recovery protecting your data and greening
 the environment. For digital proof please 
write your name on the Hard Drive and
we will send you a digital photo of your
Hard Drive with the platters shredded
there is a 3.00$ charge for this service
per Hard Drive.

 Hard drives before with customer's ID on them.
Hard Drives with platters removed and cut in half.