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Hello welcome to It Ecycler

Do you have old electronic equipment to dispose of?

Save money and help the planet with
IT Ecycler's Green Disposal Service.
Do you have a closet or storage room full of old electronics
are they so old they are not fun any longer? Do you have
many that are broken or do not work? Would you like to get rid of all this stuff and keep it out of the landfill?
Dispose of you electronics in a environmentally
friendly way with:
It Ecycler's Green disposal Service.
We offer a drop off spot for electronics to be
recycled please look on our location page for a map.

Why do we recycle?
After a long look at what is needed in the community and how to help the world we decided the best way to help
and go green was to recycle. Our goals are to help with a outlet for people who need to find a place to recycle their
old and used electronics that don't work or no longer have a use for them.

What do we recycle?

Outdated obsolete electronic equipment recycling is what we focus on, The technology will not
becoming back and storage costs money so the best thing to do is recycle. We recycle
just about everything from PC's to toasters and everything else here is a small list:
    • Laptops,
    • Old Christmas lights,
    • old video game systems,
    • Servers,
    • Cell Phones,
    • Computers & PCs,
    • Hard Drives, (data destruction service $3.00 per hard drive)
    • Cell Phones,
    • Laser & Ink jet Printers,
    • Monitors/Displays,
    • consumer electronics,
    • circuit boards,
    • components,
    • Tread mills
    • monitors,
    • televisions,
    • Photocopiers,
    • motors,
    • car batteries,
    • VCR/DVDs,
    • CD players,
    • Cash Registers,
    • Fax Machines,
    • Telephone Systems,
    • Wire,
    • Cables,
    • Power supplies
    • computer network systems,
    • computer cables and wires,
    • Switchboards,
    • Game Systems,
    • Receivers/Scanners,
    • radios, alarm clocks,
    • washers,
    • dryers,
    • microwave ovens,
    • ovens,
    • refrigerators,
    • Keyboards,
    • Mice,
    • satellite receivers,
    • satellite dishes,
    • Ipods,
    • cameras,
    • Projectors,
    • PDA's,
    • Storage Devices,
    • stoves,
    • water heaters,
    • gas heaters,
           Much much more if you can
           plug it in we can recycle it!